Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Casual Tuesday (with a pop of color)

Today was just another day at school, thus my outfits aren't going to be the most exciting. For today I just wore regular skinny jeans, with an almost-acid-wash-like sleeveless button down with a really cool lace detail on the back. I am not the biggest fan of lace, personally I think it is too overrated but I really like the subtle detail of lace in this shirt. Just in case it got cold I wore this oversized cardigan with leather elbow patches and for shoes I wore my favorite red/orange loafers. I was debating buying these because I always thought I wouldn't get much use out of them but lately I realized almost every outfit I wear goes with these! So, don't be afraid to buy a bright colored shoe, bag, or anything because in realization they truly go with anything!


  1. love how you put this outfit together
    would love for you to check out my new post