Thursday, November 28, 2013

Michaela's Winter Coat Picks

I finally got around to doing this post and here it is… oh, how I wish I could own every single one of these coats! I broke up [what I consider] to be staple coats for Fall/Winter 2013 and chose my favorite coats for each category. This season jackets have the magical ability to make or break an outfit (most of the time make an outfit though), and these coats will do just the trick. 
The Boyfriend Coat, which is essentially an updated version of the blazer trend in my opinion, is all around a great option between how loose and comfortable the coats are along with the cool tomboy vibe they give off. 
The Printed Coat, is up there with the boyfriend in terms of how much I adore those styles, since all black seems to be a go-to for many this season, you don't have to worry about looking boring with one of these printed coats. 
Are you tired of wearing that same leather jacket for the past few years? If so, I'd suggest investing in a long-lined moto jacket, this silhouette is not too extreme nor to basic, it's the perfect medium. 
For those of you who cannot handle the cold weather, parkas or a quilted jacket would be your best bet because they are sure to keep you warm with down fabric, a hood and lots of lining! 
And finally, the fur coat, whether it is shearling, faux fur, or tied up yarn, fur instantly amps up an outfit about 10 notches. I promise. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Proud in Plaid


w e a r i n g: Urban Outfitters dress, Forever 21 sweater, Dr. Marten shoes, Topshop hat

Plaid this season has thankfully deferred from the flannel craze. Although I was slightly tired of the flannel, I have to say I miss absent-mindedly throwing on a flannel with just about anything and walking out of the house. Flannels were a go-to for me to say the least. This season plaid is appearing in not very expecting forms, including pants, sweaters, coats, dresses, you name it.
Today I was willing to risk frost-bite because I was just so tired of wearing pants, I get like that.. a lot. Something I am "if-y" about at the moment is thigh highs, I cannot tell if I love them or, well, don't. But due to my aversion to pants today it seemed that thigh highs were my only option. Tell me, how do you feel about thigh highs, or even knee highs for that matter this season? Old news or no?

Photos c / o Sabrina of DreamInspireDesire

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It's Jacket Season Anyway

w e a r i n g : Zara sweater, Topshop skirt, Topshop jacket, Asos boots

This Topshop jacket is just really great to say the least, the motorcycle jacket details won me over right away, but once I tried it on I knew it was a must-buy (my terminology), primarily from the longer-than-expected length. I am planning on doing a post solely on jackets because this fall, jackets have become the focal point of all great outfits. All you need is the perfect pair of jeans, simple tee shirt paired with an amazing coat and you're set… I should start taking my own advice by buying countless jackets as opposed to countless boots...

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Changing it Up

wearing: asos loafers, necessary clothing kimono, forever 21 pants, urban outfitters ruffled top, dooney&bourke purse

I felt going a little bit out of my [usual] comfort zone today, for the past few months black, white and leather were my go to outfit combinations because, frankly, they are easy and look amazing together. Well, today I went back to my "old-self", if you will, and did what I do best, pattern mixing. Pattern mixing has always been something I have never been afraid of doing and I've always seemed to master the fine art…just kidding. How do you feel about pattern mixing? I think it's still going pretty strong at the moment.