Friday, July 27, 2012

Before and After: Fashion Design Art Skills

As you guys know I take classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology, I've completed three so far for three different majors. This summer I took a class called "Fashion Art for Fashion Designers"which basically taught the basics of fashion arts; how to draw a fashion figure, clothing, render basic fabrics, etc. And I can honestly say after three weeks in the class I have improved drastically! I have seen the most change in my skills from this class then my other two, mostly because this was an art class though. Just look at my before and after pictures! The first picture was from the very first day of class when my instructor told us to simply "draw a fashion figure". I am extremely embarrassed of this picture to say the least. Overall, I am going to miss going to class so much this summer, I truly enjoy them. Can't wait for fall!

*The pictures are in order from older to most recent (within the 3 weeks)


  1. Are the clothes on the figures your own design? They're really cute and fun!

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    1. Yes they are my own designs, each and everyone!! Thanks so much!

  2. great projects < nice blog.

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  3. Oh nice drawings :)

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