Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spring 2013 Trends Project

Ciao! So yesterday (Saturday) was my last spring class at FIT. For our final project we were required to make 4 trend boards, predicting 4 themes/trends for Spring 2013. We also had to choose to be the fashion director of a store of my choice, I chose Aritzia. I predicted the following trends Aritzia's Spring 2013 collection: 50's Rock & Remix, Urban Sport, Doll-like Delight, and The Bare Minimum. In my opinion, these trends will flourish in Aritzia's stores due to their minimalistic and delicate spirits and vibes. Since the Aritzia customer is looking for a sophisticated yet tremendously stylish way to express herself, these trends will suit her just fine. The first trend, "50's Rock & Remix" is inspired by the 50's (obviously) and has a edgy/rocker vibe, mixed with classic spring pastels. The next theme is "Urban Sport" which stresses lots of color, a sporty vibe and a downtown girl feel. "Doll-like Delight" is the next theme which emphasizes feminine silhouettes, childlike and “doll” inspiration and of course, pastels. The last theme is "The Bare Minimum" which places importance on keeping a outfit simple, sophisticated and colorless.

Here are the boards:

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