Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Met Gala 2012: the best of the best

If you're anything like me, last night all I was wishing was for to be at the Met Gala. But, since one can only dream, I guess watching it live is close enough. As I scroll through last nights pictures I'd say I obsessed over a good 70% of the dresses each person was wearing. However there were a few that stuck out at me, although it was hard to choose the best of the best:
Emma Stone: her Lanvin dress was spectacular,
my favorite part about it was that it was short and
simple for the most part, different from all the rest.

Emma Roberts: although her dress was simple,
I found it to be one of the most elegant dresses
there last night. I'm not sure if the dress just looks great
 on her and she wore it right,
or if the dress itself is what does it.

Anna Wintour: Need I say more? She hosted the Met
Gala itself, I don't think anyone can impose
an opinion on her look for the night.

Rooney Mara: I found this dress to be a mix of Beyonce's
revealing dress and a classier version of it. Personally, although
Beyonce's dress was gorgeous I thought it was a little too much so I
think Rooney's dress was a more subtle, tasteful of it. Definitely earning my vote.

Who were on your best dressed list? Do you agree with mine?

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