Thursday, May 31, 2012

How to: stay trendy at the beach

Depending on where you live when one thinks of summer she thinks of the beach. Whether you're on vacation or have a shore house, when you wake up in the morning and get ready to go to the beach most of the time you don't put together an unbelievable outfit. Most of the time it's shorts and a tank top over a bikini. Both on and off of the beach here are some ways to stay on trend without putting much effort in:

Over your bikini:
Still staying with the ordinary tank and short trend try to amp it up a bit by simply just doing a pair of high waisted shorts, although these shorts are getting increasingly popular as the days go on I still feel very strongly about them and are essential in my wardrobe. As for the top, try out a shirt with a large cut out. Cut outs are huge right now and appear in any type of item. For this look try a graphic/band tee with a large slit on the sides or a unique cut out such as a skull on the back. Not only does this give the shirt a distinct feel but it also is a way to show off your bikini!
Ironically the two shirts below have skull details (surprisingly)! And all three are from Urban Outfitters:

Now for your actual bikini:
It's pretty hard to express your personal style in a bathing suit but lately there have been some suits that I've fallen in love with because I've finally been able to express my style on the beach. And there are some other ways to show your style on the beach without going out and buying a new bikini bottom.

1. The first way is the high waisted bikini bottom. This trend showed up last year but not many people took the risk of wearing a high waisted bikini bottom. However this year I think it's much more popular and more people will feel comfortable sporting this trend. The only negative to this trend is the tan line. But I think it's worth it! Also, don't worry about finding a matching top to this bottom because you could just mix prints... leading into my next trend

2. Mixing prints! This trend actually first started in bikinis, then moved towards jeans, pants and shirts, etc. This is a great way to express your style on the beach because it incorporates a great trend and more than likely you have tons of different tops and bottoms at home you could easily mix and match. The only rule with this trend is don't be afraid! Personally, I think it's very easy to mix and match while others think otherwise. Take this top and bottom for example

3. The last beach trend is a simply retro and bold pattern. Not much to this trend. But it does tie into the high waisted trend which is extremely retro as is this trend.

*all of these bikinis are from Forever 21, I think they have the most unique and some of the best swimsuits for the price. The only downfall is I rarely see them in stores and the best swimsuits sell out in a few days! So check the site often*

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

whatcha see is whatcha get

Lately plastic, transparent, and clear purses, heels, and much more have become very apparent. When I first saw this trend I though it was tacky and cheap looking but it grew on me over the last few weeks. From heels to purses this trend gives an item a very fresh feel, there are also many benefits to this trend! For example in a purse, although you'd have to keep it very neat all the time, you'll have no problem finding something because it's easy to see through. As for a clear raincoat, you don't have to worry about covering your outfit up because it's transparent! Personally, my favorite are heels with just a transparent heel. What do you think of this trend?
Urban Outfitters

Pixie Market 


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Color Block my World

Wearing: Necessary Clothing button up, Forever 21 suede shorts, Dolce Vita loafers, Vintage watch, Urban Outfitters sunglasses

I might be the biggest fan of color blocking, I don't know how I didn't incorporate the trend in my outfits a year or two ago. This trend is so popular now shirts such as the one I am wearing above are the epitome of the trend. Personally I think this trend is going to stay popular for a while, so don't expect it to leave. When it does goes, I don't know how I will get dressed in the morning because it's in SO many of my outfits. I find it amazing how the monochromatic trend is becoming very popular also sicne the two trends are total opposites!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My latest obsession: skulls

Last year for Christmas my dad bought me a Betsey Johnson skull ring, I thought it was adorable, it had rhinestones and a little bow on top, little did I know that skulls were going to make a  big comeback this year, especially for spring, which I think it bizarre, but I love it! When I was younger I was obsessed with skulls! They were on every purse and piece of jewelry I owned, then the trend slowed down dramatically. A few years ago I would not even consider wearing anything with skulls but this year I feel like they are a  staple. A few weeks ago I bought another skull ring from a random store in SoHo and a turquoise (my color obsession) skull bracelet from a vendor in SoHo. Then just last week I bought a orange/red skull bracelet and a white skull bracelet from that same vendor in Soho. That same day I went to Necessary Clothing and saw a skull blouse that I've seen from some stores online, I was ecstatic when I saw it in a store because I've been dying for it!

My last blog post for FIT :(

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Trendspotting: tye-dye and ombre

Usually, I associate tye-dye with summer camp soffee shorts and ombre with hair. But lately ombre has been seen in various pieces of clothing, from button ups to jeans. I have also recently started to see the tye-dye trend emerging again, not in the same way. I have been seeing the tye dye trend in more subtle colors, mostly bleached and used as details rather than a whole print. Considering that this trend is becoming very popular it will be pretty easy to find an ombre or dip/tye dyed piece of clothing. However, wouldn't it be cooler if YOU made the item? Personally I would choose to make something myself over buying an item. Over this five-day weekend one of my tasks is to dip-dye a pair of shorts in bleach, creating an ombre effect. I am sure to post a DIY on that later this weekend! For now, I just wanted to give a little insight to this trend and how I see it rapidly emerging. Don't forget to check back this weekend!
By the way, denim is my favorite fabric used incorporating this trend!
LF stores

Forever 21

LF stores

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Arm Partys!

If you have an instagram then you probably have heard of the term "arm party" or "arm candy" before. Even if you don't have one the term is still commonly used on fashion blogs and whatnot, although the term is fairly new. For those of you who don't know what arm party/candy is, it is basically just a term for a new look of a bunch of bracelets stacked on top of one wrist, with so many bracelets it can be a an "arm party" and it looks so good that it is "arm candy". Personally, I love this look! Even though it is a risky look being that there is just SO many bracelets stacked and stacked it's is an easy look to pull off.
To pull of this look certain bracelets do work better then others, some bracelets that could be used are:

1. A big faced watch! This is the definite basis of pulling of this look.
2. Friendship style bracelets, you know those bracelets you made or your friends probably made for you years ago? Pull them out because they work great with this look. Wanna go even further? Purchase tree spikes online and put them on a friendship bracelet, it's a great way to enhance the look.
3. With those two bracelets as a basis pretty much any type of bracelet works, my personal favorite are skull bracelets and spiked bracelets. The only type of bracelet I'd stay away from is thin bangles (in my opinion!) 

Here are some examples.. 
My personal arm party!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Good evening!
About two months ago I applied for BP. Fashion Board. For those of you who don't know what BP is, it is the juniors section of Nordstrom, it stands for brass plum. They run a program for high school students called BP. Fashion Board, it is basically a group of high school students who all share a common interest (fashion) and we go to monthly meetings at our local Nordstrom. At these meetings insiders from Nordstrom are there, guest speakers come, there are projects and activities all fashion related and can only benefit my future fashion career! Long story short, I handed in my application late April and got a call for any interview about two weeks later. Today was my interview and I think it went pretty smoothly, at the end I was told I was accepted on to the board! I am thrilled and I cannot wait for the meetings to start! I am sure to talk to you guys all about every meeting!
Feel free to ask any questions you have at all about the fashion board in general, the interview or even the application process (the most time consuming part)!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Bugging Out

Wearing: Zara top, Forever 21 blazer, Necessary Clothing leather shorts, Frye saddle shoes, Urban Outfitters sunglasses

Is it just me or this title completely relevant? Between the bug-like sunglasses and bugs on my shirt I think this title fits more than perfectly. Recently I'v been obsessed with kitschy prints and conversations on shirts and dresses. They are just so fun and work with any style, I mean this shirt has bugs and insects on them, who would think that would be popular? Also, I couldn't believe when I saw these leather shorts in Necessary Clothing one day, never would I think I would purchase a pair of leather shorts, I always thought they were kind of tacky. However, recently I've seen them styled in a really classy and preppy way.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spring 2013 Trends Project

Ciao! So yesterday (Saturday) was my last spring class at FIT. For our final project we were required to make 4 trend boards, predicting 4 themes/trends for Spring 2013. We also had to choose to be the fashion director of a store of my choice, I chose Aritzia. I predicted the following trends Aritzia's Spring 2013 collection: 50's Rock & Remix, Urban Sport, Doll-like Delight, and The Bare Minimum. In my opinion, these trends will flourish in Aritzia's stores due to their minimalistic and delicate spirits and vibes. Since the Aritzia customer is looking for a sophisticated yet tremendously stylish way to express herself, these trends will suit her just fine. The first trend, "50's Rock & Remix" is inspired by the 50's (obviously) and has a edgy/rocker vibe, mixed with classic spring pastels. The next theme is "Urban Sport" which stresses lots of color, a sporty vibe and a downtown girl feel. "Doll-like Delight" is the next theme which emphasizes feminine silhouettes, childlike and “doll” inspiration and of course, pastels. The last theme is "The Bare Minimum" which places importance on keeping a outfit simple, sophisticated and colorless.

Here are the boards:

Friday, May 18, 2012

Florals with a bit of texture

This sweater is amazing. Everything about it is perfect, the color is gorgeous, it is extremely lightweight and adds a little texture to any outfit. So are these earrings, they are such a statement piece I don't wear or need to wear any other jewelry with them on!

Wearing: All Forever 21 (and the earrings), Dolce Vita loafers

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Maxi's: old news or no?

Just a few years ago maxi dresses were the top emerging trend for spring and summer, then came along maxi skirts, then came along everything else maxi. But, a few years ago many people were reluctant to wearing maxis, whether it'd be because they weren't comfortable with them yet (they were too "new") or people just simply didn't like the trend. It took a while to get this trend up and extremely popular. I'd say between last summer and this spring maxi's are at their peak of popularity. Once celebrities starting wearing this trend and top designers constantly started showing this trend on runways, this trend took off! But, a peak leads to a decline right? So do you think soon enough maxi's are going to become the new joke of fashion? Personally, I do not think so at all. In my opinion maxi's are going to become the skinny jeans (in a way), and we will continue to see this trend for while. Maybe every year there will be a new twist to the trend, but in general, the trend should stay in demand. We even started to see the "twist" this year in the high-low hem maxi skirts, and maxi skirts with a slit. What do you think next year will bring?

Nicole Loher (

Vanessa Hudgens

Sunday, May 13, 2012

How to feel trendy on a casual day

Hey everyone!

Lets face it, there are some days where you feel like getting completely done up, and choose an amazing outfit. But there are other days where you feel like throwing on a sweatshirt and walk out of the house. How you feel that day can depend on a multitude of things such as the weather or your mood. Despite all these things it is so easy to put together a few laid-back and simple items that look amazing together, while still feeling comfortable in both your outfit and the way you look. There's 4 basic items necessary to pull off an outfit like this, and all four are items that you more than likely already own. I mean, what's the point of this if you have to go out and buy new stuff?

1. The first thing is a pair of (simply) printed jeans, and if you don't have these colored jeans of any color would suffice also. What I mean  by "simply" printed jeans is not loud printed jeans, such as a ditsy floral print or a neutral colored loud print, like leopard!
Current Elliot

Forever 21

2. The second thing is a band or cool graphic tee, and if you don't have one settle for a simple tee shirt. A band or graphic tee just really gives an outfit an edge without trying too hard. A trick to do with a simple tee shirt is to tie it on the side or in the front in a knot, with the actual shirt itself, it should look like the one below:

Urban Outfitters
3. The look so far would be good enough, but to make it even better, or if it's colder outside throw a plaid button up or denim button up over the tee shirt. An oversized, boyfriend style would be the best,
Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

4. Lastly, shoes! In my opinion, loafers would look great, but if you want to be that casual, a pair of converse (preferably white), vans, or my new favorite superga sneakers would pull the whole outfit together.
Superga sneakers


And there you have it! A perfect daytime look for the days you feel relaxed and easygoing. Keep in mind there are also some key trends in this look like mixing of prints. Here are some examples:

Danielle from WeWoreWhat

Danielle from WeWoreWhat