Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Arm Partys!

If you have an instagram then you probably have heard of the term "arm party" or "arm candy" before. Even if you don't have one the term is still commonly used on fashion blogs and whatnot, although the term is fairly new. For those of you who don't know what arm party/candy is, it is basically just a term for a new look of a bunch of bracelets stacked on top of one wrist, with so many bracelets it can be a an "arm party" and it looks so good that it is "arm candy". Personally, I love this look! Even though it is a risky look being that there is just SO many bracelets stacked and stacked it's is an easy look to pull off.
To pull of this look certain bracelets do work better then others, some bracelets that could be used are:

1. A big faced watch! This is the definite basis of pulling of this look.
2. Friendship style bracelets, you know those bracelets you made or your friends probably made for you years ago? Pull them out because they work great with this look. Wanna go even further? Purchase tree spikes online and put them on a friendship bracelet, it's a great way to enhance the look.
3. With those two bracelets as a basis pretty much any type of bracelet works, my personal favorite are skull bracelets and spiked bracelets. The only type of bracelet I'd stay away from is thin bangles (in my opinion!) 

Here are some examples.. 
My personal arm party!

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  1. I consistently fail at a good arm party but you've got it down! Great post.
    xx, micol