Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Houndstooth and Plaid

w e a r i n g : American Apparel jacket / F21 sweater / Nordstrom pants and beanie / Topshop shoes

These shoes are absolute perfection, I am tempted to wear them everyday with just about any outfit. They have the magic touch of giving an outfit that extra boost that is always necessary without any effort. Also, as you can tell from the photos, they hold up pretty well in this crazy weather. I felt like rebelling against the snow today and swapped my winter coat for light jacket, another item I am lusting over. This jacket was purchased from Buffalo Exchange yet has an American Apparel tag plastered right on it; one of my more successful thrifting trips in my opinion.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

You Got it Dude: E&J and The Row

I have always viewed Mary-Kate and Ashley as two girls with great style who have been lucky enough, like every other celebrity, to start their own collection(s). Quite honestly, I never took much notice to The Row nor Elizabeth and James during fashion week. However, I was blown away by these two collections while clicking through in between homework breaks last week. Elizabeth and James featured wearable looks, and pieces alone that I started to drool over: long lined coats, turtleneck dresses, and pinstripes galore. The Row featured just as many drool-able looks with even more emphasis on silhouette as you can see above. By no means am I planning to wear that cashmere sweater and pant combo anytime soon but, wow, would that look fantastic in an editorial. I can confidently say that my perception of the Olsen sister's have changed, they have a real eye for not only style, but design. I have four words for them: you got it dude. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ain't Laurent without Yves

I am going to give Heidi a break on this one and say that I enjoy the Saint Laurent collections much over the good ol' YSL collections. However, I think we all miss the iconic YSL logo. Nonetheless I thought this shirt was quite humorous and I could not pass it up; if you cannot read the shirt thanks to my hair, it reads: Ain't Laurent without Yves. I went for one of my more "classic" looks in the winter consisting of a plaid skirt, my Dr. Marten shoes, my boyfriend coat, and a cool hat. And, of course, I cannot forget about my cozy fleece lined tights…where would I be without those… 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Red is the New Black

w e a r i n g : Cheap Monday jeans / Forever 21 turtleneck and flannel, Asos Shelly London loafers / Casio watch

The snow has been ridiculous the past few weeks to say the least. Though it looks bone chilling freezing in these pictures from the massive amount of snow it was actually about 40 degrees. Anybody from the West Coat stop reading right now: and that 40 degree weather felt like spring to me. To say I am envious of you Californians' is an understatement, the thought of 70-80 degree weather in winter has not left my mind. If Manhattan wasn't as great as it is then I can promise you that my tartan-butt would be in Cali the day after I graduate high school. 
My outfit consists of, yet again, another turtleneck, this one is different though, it is a very thin sweater-like material. I also felt like accenting a lot in red today, don't ask me why. I added this tartan flannel around my waist and threw on my chunky red loafers. Following that I went and got my nails painted red. Don't assume this is permanent, no one could replace my beloved neutrals.