Friday, August 10, 2012

Back to School Backpack/Tote and Essentials

It is that unfortunate time of year again that sadly we all have to face, back to school time. Although some of you might of even started, as long as weeks ago, others may still have a month or so to go. I'm going to be doing a mini "back to school" series with posts such as this one with essentials, outfits, makeup, and hauls for back to school that will be posted periodically. This post will be considered the first and is just some school bag ideas and things that I know I always go out to buy before school starts to throw in my bag that are always good to have handy.

 Before I get into what to put in your bags for school I just wanted to go over some really great bags that I think you should consider. I showed two types of bags here, backpacks and totes. Personally I think backpacks are just adorable and look so cute on, also since they have become so popular this year they have been seen everywhere in soo many different patterns, styles, etc. Also, they are great for your back. Well, not great but a whole lot better than a tote bag. The only complaint I have with a backpack is that it's a pain to put on after  class, it's not that much work but in my case I love to just sling a tote on on my shoulder. The other option is the tote bag which is just obvious, they are roomy and simple.
 Other than school supplies I always liked to carry things in my tote bag at school such as the above. You could put these things in your locker but in my situation I rarely go to my locker and these items are great to have right next to you. Gum is a must, hand sanitizer and lotion is always great, these TwistBands are my new favorite thing, and I don't know about you but I always need a bandaid because I wear the most terrible shoes so why not get these cool bandaids from Urban Outfitters? Lastly, we have the Shemergency Kit, which is basically a small kit with just about everything you need; from double sided tape, hair spray, a mirror to deodorant, floss and a pain reliever. 
School supplies could go untalked about but I just had to mention a couple of these items. The top part is all supplies from Urban Outfitters (can't you tell??), having fun supplies at school makes me happy, I don't know about you guys though. These scented highlighters makes you, as well as others in a good mood and the fun pencil cases are a great accessory for your desk. On the bottom we have two items from Target which look basic but for some reason I am in love. To the left we have colored pens, they are so fun to write with and make your notes look gorgeous. To the right we have these things called Notebinders which I just discovered. They are the perfect mix between binders and notebooks and don't interfere with us lefty's writing because of their rubber rings. Just pop in your college ruled paper as you go, no bulky binders necessary.