Sunday, May 31, 2015

St. Peters

Wearing: Forever 21 jacket, H&M top, Love Culture pants, H&M shoes

Here's just a quick little throwback to one of the day's in London from my trip. This trench coat was basically glued to me on this trip, there weren't many pictures where I wasn't wearing it. I'm not complaining though considering that it kept me protected against the harsh London wind and rain (my umbrella almost killed me multiple times). This is also one of the few outfits in a while where I chose to wear solely black and white. Quite honestly, I've gotten tired of a black and white color palette because that's all I wore for a period of time but I didn't mind it in this look. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Over it all

Wearing: overalls from a boutique, Topshop shoes, Free People underwear, Tory Burch sunglasses

These high waisted lace panties from Free People are the perfect touch to any somewhat simple outfit. To some making your underwear visible seems a little strange to say the least, but a little lace peaking out of a pair or shorts, or in this case overalls, adds the perfect touch in my opinion. Sure, people will double take your outfit while walking through the streets because your underwear is sticking out. But, hey, it looks cute. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015


Wearing: Primark jacket, Topshop jeans, Urban Outfitters top, Topshop shoes

I have always associated socks and open-toed shoes with a style my grandfather often sported, but recently, I have adopted an affection for this questionable trend. I thought these shoes from Topshop were different from other shoes I own, especially considering their blush-like color and I couldn't pass up wearing them on a windy day, so socks it was! I kept the rest of my look fairly simple but threw over my fave duster coat from Primark on top... though I could be mistaken for a doctor about to perform surgery at times due to the lab-coat-esque feel of it, I still think it gives off the minimalist & chic effect I always aim for.