Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Maxi's: old news or no?

Just a few years ago maxi dresses were the top emerging trend for spring and summer, then came along maxi skirts, then came along everything else maxi. But, a few years ago many people were reluctant to wearing maxis, whether it'd be because they weren't comfortable with them yet (they were too "new") or people just simply didn't like the trend. It took a while to get this trend up and extremely popular. I'd say between last summer and this spring maxi's are at their peak of popularity. Once celebrities starting wearing this trend and top designers constantly started showing this trend on runways, this trend took off! But, a peak leads to a decline right? So do you think soon enough maxi's are going to become the new joke of fashion? Personally, I do not think so at all. In my opinion maxi's are going to become the skinny jeans (in a way), and we will continue to see this trend for while. Maybe every year there will be a new twist to the trend, but in general, the trend should stay in demand. We even started to see the "twist" this year in the high-low hem maxi skirts, and maxi skirts with a slit. What do you think next year will bring?

Nicole Loher (

Vanessa Hudgens

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