Sunday, May 13, 2012

How to feel trendy on a casual day

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Lets face it, there are some days where you feel like getting completely done up, and choose an amazing outfit. But there are other days where you feel like throwing on a sweatshirt and walk out of the house. How you feel that day can depend on a multitude of things such as the weather or your mood. Despite all these things it is so easy to put together a few laid-back and simple items that look amazing together, while still feeling comfortable in both your outfit and the way you look. There's 4 basic items necessary to pull off an outfit like this, and all four are items that you more than likely already own. I mean, what's the point of this if you have to go out and buy new stuff?

1. The first thing is a pair of (simply) printed jeans, and if you don't have these colored jeans of any color would suffice also. What I mean  by "simply" printed jeans is not loud printed jeans, such as a ditsy floral print or a neutral colored loud print, like leopard!
Current Elliot

Forever 21

2. The second thing is a band or cool graphic tee, and if you don't have one settle for a simple tee shirt. A band or graphic tee just really gives an outfit an edge without trying too hard. A trick to do with a simple tee shirt is to tie it on the side or in the front in a knot, with the actual shirt itself, it should look like the one below:

Urban Outfitters
3. The look so far would be good enough, but to make it even better, or if it's colder outside throw a plaid button up or denim button up over the tee shirt. An oversized, boyfriend style would be the best,
Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

4. Lastly, shoes! In my opinion, loafers would look great, but if you want to be that casual, a pair of converse (preferably white), vans, or my new favorite superga sneakers would pull the whole outfit together.
Superga sneakers


And there you have it! A perfect daytime look for the days you feel relaxed and easygoing. Keep in mind there are also some key trends in this look like mixing of prints. Here are some examples:

Danielle from WeWoreWhat

Danielle from WeWoreWhat

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