Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Holey Grail

Wearing: Necessary Clothing top / Nordstrom midi skirt / H&M shoes / Aldo sunglasses

Now here is an example of the sports luxe concept I've been raving about put into action. In my opinion the mesh and H&M sneakers I've been talking about are on point. This season I would wear something mesh every day if I could, whether it'd be knit, silk, whatever! Something else I'd also wear everyday is this midi skirt that I finally caved into buying, although I wouldn't consider it a "cave" because it's most definitely a piece that I could wear very often and a hundred different ways. I might even do a styling post around it. Personally I think it makes an outfit look fashion forward in an instant because of its silhouette and length, the length is not something you would find whilst roaming Forever 21's site every two seconds (not denouncing Forever 21 by the way).


  1. Those shoes are so cool! I`m loving all the mesh in this outfit :)

    Natasha ~

    1. Thanks! Love the velvet pants in your most recent post!

  2. Completely in love with your mesh top . Cool outfit!!