Thursday, May 31, 2012

How to: stay trendy at the beach

Depending on where you live when one thinks of summer she thinks of the beach. Whether you're on vacation or have a shore house, when you wake up in the morning and get ready to go to the beach most of the time you don't put together an unbelievable outfit. Most of the time it's shorts and a tank top over a bikini. Both on and off of the beach here are some ways to stay on trend without putting much effort in:

Over your bikini:
Still staying with the ordinary tank and short trend try to amp it up a bit by simply just doing a pair of high waisted shorts, although these shorts are getting increasingly popular as the days go on I still feel very strongly about them and are essential in my wardrobe. As for the top, try out a shirt with a large cut out. Cut outs are huge right now and appear in any type of item. For this look try a graphic/band tee with a large slit on the sides or a unique cut out such as a skull on the back. Not only does this give the shirt a distinct feel but it also is a way to show off your bikini!
Ironically the two shirts below have skull details (surprisingly)! And all three are from Urban Outfitters:

Now for your actual bikini:
It's pretty hard to express your personal style in a bathing suit but lately there have been some suits that I've fallen in love with because I've finally been able to express my style on the beach. And there are some other ways to show your style on the beach without going out and buying a new bikini bottom.

1. The first way is the high waisted bikini bottom. This trend showed up last year but not many people took the risk of wearing a high waisted bikini bottom. However this year I think it's much more popular and more people will feel comfortable sporting this trend. The only negative to this trend is the tan line. But I think it's worth it! Also, don't worry about finding a matching top to this bottom because you could just mix prints... leading into my next trend

2. Mixing prints! This trend actually first started in bikinis, then moved towards jeans, pants and shirts, etc. This is a great way to express your style on the beach because it incorporates a great trend and more than likely you have tons of different tops and bottoms at home you could easily mix and match. The only rule with this trend is don't be afraid! Personally, I think it's very easy to mix and match while others think otherwise. Take this top and bottom for example

3. The last beach trend is a simply retro and bold pattern. Not much to this trend. But it does tie into the high waisted trend which is extremely retro as is this trend.

*all of these bikinis are from Forever 21, I think they have the most unique and some of the best swimsuits for the price. The only downfall is I rarely see them in stores and the best swimsuits sell out in a few days! So check the site often*

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