Monday, August 6, 2012

DIY: Karl Who? Tee

It's summer which means I have plenty of time on my hands to do countless DIY projects! The two most recent ones I did were the "Karl Who?" tee and the suddenly popular skull cut-out tee. I'll put the skull cut-out DIY up later this week!

 I've had my eye on the Karl Who? tee for about a year now and I've been dying for one! Unfortunately, they came out a few years ago and are completely sold out everywhere, you can't even find one on a site like ebay. When I was looking at the shirt online yesterday I realized the lettering looked like someone painted on to the shirt, so I thought "why don't I just paint the lettering on myself". That being so, I headed out to Michael's today and purchased three things:
A white v-neck tee shirt
Black fabric paint
A small paint brush

The first thing I did was open the bottle of paint and spread it out on a paper plate.

From there I put a box in-between the shirt so I wouldn't get paint on the other side and started painting, I used a reference on my phone that I looked up which is on the top of the post.

After a short 10 minutes the majority of the shirt was complete!
I just touched up the lettering by filling in any spaces and making it look more like the real version at the top of the post

Happy DIYing!