Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's All About the Everlys

Wearing: Urban Outfitters button up & pants / Free People lace top / Jeffrey Campbell Everly boots / American Apparel vintage Citizen watch

These boots are miracle workers in my opinion, they amp up an outfit to its max, the color is what really does it though. Thank you Ashbury Skies ;) Without you I would of gotten black, and I think I have enough black booties. Also, this watch is spectacular, the only con I have is that is looked much bigger on the website but I can't complain because it still gives off the effect I wanted it to. Just a warning in advance, this month is crazy so expect it if I don't update as much as usual!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

ASOS Marketplace

I just discovered this "section" per-say of ASOS, like 5 minutes ago, and I am so impressed! I am on ASOS constantly and just never went into the marketplace I usually paid no mind to it. Nonetheless I am so glad I found out about it, the clothing and jewelry is beyond unique and the prices are amazing (psst, they're having a sale right now!). Good idea on ASOS's part! Think of Etsy mixed with you're favorite store... More organized than Etsy too, Etsy can get pretty overwhelming at times!
Here are some snapshots from the marketplace

Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Shoe Haul

Here are just the shoes I got for Christmas this year, I'm not planning on doing an actual Christmas haul of everything so I'm just doing shoes, because you all know how obsessed with shoes I here it is!

Jeffrey Campbell Everly's in white- these boots in white are exclusive at Ashbury Skies and I thank god I found them because they are so unique and just gorgeous

Topshop at Nordstrom Assure Ultimate- I wanted these particularly because of the color, I've wanted to find a pair of boots in a cognac-ish color that I actually loved since I've been drawn to black boots a lot more lately

Dr. Martens 1960 in patent black- really no explanation is needed for these, been eyeing these for the longest time and are so versatile, which I love

Urban Outfitters Cooperative Autumn loafer- when I saw these on Urban for 30 bucks I couldn't pass them up, and they're so comfortable, another thing about these is the color, the color navy is definitely topping my favorite color list this season

TUK creepers- a little late on this trend I'll say but I didn't know if they were worth getting because I wasn't sure if I would wear them enough, but Christmas is always the perfect time to ask for things you're not positive about...right? Overall I really enjoy wearing them and styling them, so disregard the part about me saying I was if-y about them I guess :)

Nasty Gal Wildcat loafers- playoff from the Charlotte Olympia flats as I mentioned in an earlier post, not the most comfortable flats but they look amazing on!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lusting Over Graphics

I'm kinda over band tees at this point, occasionally I might where one but I thought about why I would wear a shirt with a band on it that I never even listened to? My new obsession is now designer graphics, as I call them, basically the company/designers name blatantly slapped on a shirt, sweatshirt (or hat).

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Year in Outfits

As every other blogger is doing, here is a year in outfits, not all of them, only the ones I thought stood out to me the most. I wasn't planning on doing this but then I thought why not? I won't get the chance to do something like this again for another year. This year was particularly special because it was my first year of this blog and I couldn't be happier with it. One of my goals for this year is to blog more consistently, meaning that if I can't blog every single day then at least every other day, and also I want to spread out my posts more. For example, if I have three outfit posts in a row then three style guides in a row I would want to alternate between style guides and outfit posts instead of not planning before hand. Another goal for this blog is to get better scenery!! This is going to be SO hard for me to do because I never bring my camera anywhere and always wind up shooting right beside my house, it's a step up from my bedroom though! We'll see guys! :) Happy New Year!