Friday, May 11, 2012

American Rebel

Wearing: Urban Outfitters "Motorcycle" shirt, (Heritagee) F21 Suede Vest, F21 Draped Pocket Capris, F21 Yellow Belt (came with another pair of shorts), Dolce Vita Loafer, bracelets from a variety of places such as ebay, street vendors, etc. 

One of my current obsessions right now is band/motorcycle tees. Although this shirt isn't necessarily a "tee shirt" it still acts as one. Band/motorcycle tees are the perfect staple, they work in any outfit no matter what shoes you wear or accessories you pair with it. You can turn a band tee into a completely girly outfit or just keep it edgy as it already is, that's the great thing about them. Another thing, yet again do I wear my Dolce Vita loafers! When I say they go with a lot... they really do...

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