Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Velvet Craze & American Apparel

Right now, as I am kind of obsessed with the whole grunge look, I've come to notice that velvet is a major part of the look. I am constantly trying to find different items that are velvet, so far I have found velvet leggings, oxfords, and hair accessories mostly. But I am dying to find the perfect oversized velvet shirt. I realized that almost every store sells a pair of velvet leggings but just not the kind I'm looking for. A store that sells the perfect pair(s) is American Apparel (my new store obsession). They carry two different types, one more high waisted then the other, and loads of hair ties and wraps made out of velvet. As I was on their site looking for these items I really took a liking to all of their other items. 

I always used to think that AA's items were overpriced and just not worth the money. But when I take a second look at their items it looks like that's not the case, although some things are pricey, some things are just the same price as other popular stores. The difference with AA is that whatever I buy there I know I am going to get good use out of it since it's a basic. 

Now back to velvet. How do you wear velvet? To some people, the fabric might be intimidating. So this is how I would style velvet. 

How to wear velvet

Long sleeve top

Long sleeve top

Heather grey t shirt

Safari shorts
$34 -

Skater skirt

Thigh high hosiery

Pointy toe shoes

Deena & Ozzy low heel shoes

Mini hat


  1. Your ideas inspire and make you dream.

  2. Nice choices! You're totally taking me back to the early 90's
    xo, Chelsea

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