Saturday, January 17, 2015

Deceivable Slacks and Beanies

Wearing: Topshop jacket, Zara pants, Forever 21 turtleneck, ASOS boots, Nordstrom beanie

Today marks the first day of this season that I break out one of my beanies. Shocking, I know, considering that last year I felt naked without donning one on top of my head.

Along with my beanie I chose to wear these trousers from Zara, which happened to deceive me in the best possible way. On Zara's website, these pants appears to be, well, pants, with structure and all. But only once I received them did I notice that they are made out of the most comfortable, soft material ever, and you would never guess it.  Zara, you never seem to disappoint me.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Tonal Talk

Wearing: scarf, Zara pants, Forever 21 sweater, Nike sneakers

Scarves are an accessory that flip on and off of my mental radar. Some seasons I am all for them, while other seasons I make an effort to shove all scarves in the back of my closet. This winter, however, scarves are most definitely an essential accessory for me. Because of this I was ecstatic when  reached out to me to pick out a few scarves from their website (my favorite are the ones with fringed edges!).
This particular scarf is oh-so soft with a burgundy and hunter green plaid pattern to it, perfect to give an edge to my current neutral obsession which is apparent in this look. I've had my eyes on these ribbed pants from Zara for the longest time and when they came back in stock a few weeks ago I jumped on the opportunity to buy them. I paired them with a long-lined sweater in a similar, but lighter, color of camel. I guess it is safe to say clashing isn't a word in my vocabulary.