Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday, in my case I had no idea and thought it was a few weeks away! On this day we all want to please our mom's with gifts that not only she adores but also gifts that she'll use frequently. Here are some great gifts to give to your moms this mothers day all under $100:

1. I don't know about your moms but my mom wears her sunglasses constantly! A great gift would be a nice pair of sunglasses that she can wear at the beach, or just running errands. As for the shape of them, the trickiest part, I would recommend either a cat-eye inspired frame or "geek chic" frame. The pair from MissSelfridge isn't the blatant cat-eye frame, it is not as distinct which is perfect because not all moms want to be wearing a pair of sunglasses they might not feel comfortable with. The other pair from Warehouse is geek chic inspired. I know that I wouldn't picture my mom with so-called "nerd glasses" on. So, these sunglasses have kind of a feminine twist to the classic geek glasses. Overall, both of these glasses are very versatile and reasonable!

2. The second gift idea is brand-name makeup. The other thing I always look for in giving gifts is I wonder if the person would buy the item for themself, if it is a no then I know it's a good buy. One thing I know my mom doesn't do is buy expensive, name-brand makeup for herself. Although a Dior eyeshadow palette or bronzer is pricey for what you're getting, it is totally worth it because I will guarantee your mom will not only get much use out of something such as the above but she will also love that fact that she has something that she'd never consider buying for herself!

3. Another gift idea is a woven/ straw inspired handbag. This type of handbag is extremely sophisticated and can be worn anywhere. This bag can be worn for a simple trip to the mall or even to the beach, you just have to know how to take care of it. Also, these bags I picked out are very affordable for how much use you will get out of them.

4. The last gift idea is TOMS. These shoes are just another thing that I will assure you your mom will get much use out of. They come in just about any color, material, pattern, etc. and are classy while being casual at the same time.

TOMS slip on flat
£37 -

TOMS canvas shoes
£36 -

TOMS crochet shoes
£77 -

Warehouse woven handbag
$49 -

Topshop straw handbag
$90 -

Warehouse plastic sunglasses
$28 -

Christian Dior glitter eye makeup
$59 -

Christian dior cosmetic
$55 -

Animal Print Cat Eye
$21 -

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