Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Good evening!
About two months ago I applied for BP. Fashion Board. For those of you who don't know what BP is, it is the juniors section of Nordstrom, it stands for brass plum. They run a program for high school students called BP. Fashion Board, it is basically a group of high school students who all share a common interest (fashion) and we go to monthly meetings at our local Nordstrom. At these meetings insiders from Nordstrom are there, guest speakers come, there are projects and activities all fashion related and can only benefit my future fashion career! Long story short, I handed in my application late April and got a call for any interview about two weeks later. Today was my interview and I think it went pretty smoothly, at the end I was told I was accepted on to the board! I am thrilled and I cannot wait for the meetings to start! I am sure to talk to you guys all about every meeting!
Feel free to ask any questions you have at all about the fashion board in general, the interview or even the application process (the most time consuming part)!

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