Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lust List: June

Over the past few weeks my life has been swallowed up by ACTs, final exams, and generally wrapping up my junior year of high school. As of today, I can thankfully say that I am done with junior year which means more time for blogging. For now, here is my "lust list" for the month of June. I love gathering items I am desiring each month and showcasing them in a cohesive way. My obsession with lingerie as casual wear has not died down, I am still obsessed to say the least and am dying for a lace slip and (multiple) Free People bralettes. A company that I recently discovered was Quay Eyewear, after searching through their website I fell in love with their sunglasses which are really affordable. We all knew pearls were going to come back soon after Karl sent his Chanel Spring 2013 collection down the runway and Zara has perfectly reinvented oversized pearls into jewelry. Oh, and yes, I would like another pair of Birks, preferably in black this time...


  1. omg i love this collage! especially need that lacy halter neck bra- sooo cute!

  2. super clothes!:)) xx