Sunday, February 24, 2013

My New Found Love for Zara

I am nothing less than obsessed with Zara's February lookbook to say the least. So, naturally, I am equally obsessed with everything new on the site, despite that half the items aren't available yet. Patchwork jeans, a mock for the Jil Sander lunch bag, boxy silhouettes, leather, leather, and more leather, all for an affordable price? Yes, yes, and yes. 

Zara was always, in my opinion, geared more towards a sophisticated, lady like style. Occasionally I'd find one or two things I like. But this season my mind has completely changed. First off, I've been dying for a pair of amazing patchwork jeans, not from Free People, and finally I found them at Zara for $89, same thing goes for a great pair of boyfriend jeans, found at Zara for only $59. Besides that, the infamous Jil Sander paper bag was transformed into a leather version (much more convenient I think) for $35! The look that Zara went for this season is right up my alley and thankfully, was executed successfully. 

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