Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Updated Watch Collection

Deadstock Vintage Citizen watch from American Apparel

Silver Casio Digital Analog Dual-time Metal Watch

Gold Casio Digital Analog Dual-time Metal Watch

Nasty Gal Golden Rule Watch

Nasty Gal Twisted Metal Watch

Unquestionably I've accumulated many new watches within the last few months, many additions to my watch collection that I guess I wasn't satisfied with. And not surprisingly I'm kinda craving some more. I thinking something huge and clear, possibly Adidas? Not sure. Anyhow, out of these 5 the Citizen is by the nicest looking, although I have to say I love the nostalgic look of the Casios. I feel that no other watch gives off the same feeling. On the other hand, these Nasty Gal bangle style watches are a great addition to arm parties. Even though the whole arm party thing is dying down in my handbook. 

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