Sunday, February 3, 2013

The New Beanie?

Alright, we have to admit as much as we love beanies, whether it'd be for no-wash days or pure laziness, we're dying for something new next winter. Beanies will work for this year and more than likely next year also, but it'd be nice to see a variety on blogs (my own included). This self-proclaimed trend below is something that will take countless street style photos on renowned people *cough Man Repeller cough* for the public to catch on to. These face masks I found by scrolling through the pages of Jak & Jill this weekend were from Rick Owens F/W 2012 show. Retailing on sale for about $131 right now. I truthfully do not these are too eccentric and have definite potential to come up within the next few seasons. We all have to agree that we've wished there was something on trend during the months that kept our noses from looking like rudolph, these face masks might just do the trick. It just takes one guy to start it all. What do you guys trend about this "trend"?

Photo credits to Jak&Jill

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