Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My latest obsession: watches

Lately I have really gotten extremely fond of watches to say the least. Especially with this whole "arm candy" trend happening, they are the greatest piece to just throw right in the middle of the bevy of various bracelets on my wrist. Even alone they make a great statement. Below is my watch collection. It's not huge but I love every single one, I put them in order from most favorite to least favorite. Some of them you might recognize from my outfit posts.

My vintage leather "bangle" watch from FIT's style shop, by far my favorite, it's in almost every one of my outfit posts:

This one was a close second, my Casio watch I recently bought, it is so retro yet so simple, I just love it:

This one is a Juicy Couture gold leather banded watch, I've had this watch for over 2 years and I just started taking notice to it again, I'm not the biggest fan of Juicy, however this watch kind of even has an antique feel to it (in my opinion):

This watch I purchased from Nordstrom a few months ago when I was obsessed with big faced watches, it wasn't too expensive so I bought it to see how much use I'd get out of it because I was considering buying a more expensive version of it. I wound up wearing it non-stop, but by the time came where I was willing to buy the more expensive one, I was obsessed with tiny faced and more delicate watches, hence the fact that I bought the first two...

This last one is Fossil and definitely isn't my favorite, it's over a year old but I don't hate it, there is some aspects about it I like...

Hope you enjoyed!

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