Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fourth of July Outfit Ideas

Here are some key items you might want to consider buying for an awesome patriotic 4th of July outfit:

What should I wear with these amazing items you ask?
Here are 5 great ways to put together these items, for all different events, whether you're going to a party, watching fireworks with your friends, or on the beach, at least one of these outfits will fit your plans.
*One affordable store to check out is Brandy Melville, they carry tons of American flag themed merchandise at great prices, hopefully there's one near you!

Fourth of July Outfit Ideas

Maxi dress
$55 -

Wildfox Couture scoop neck top
$198 -

Printed shirt
$24 -

Forever 21 knit shirt
$16 -

H M sleeveless top
£15 -

Denim jean shorts
$68 -

Rubbish gauze skirt
$30 -

€40 -

Pins and Needles elastic waist shorts
$39 -

Striped scarve
$28 -

Boho hair accessory
$16 -


  1. i've been wondering what to wear on the 4th myself. you have great picks!