Friday, July 6, 2012

Accumulative Haul: denim + accessories

Hey everyone! So today I decided to photograph some pictures for my first haul, normally I don't buy loads of things at one time, I typically buy a few things a few times a week; sooner or later accumulating many things. Over the past few weeks I have bought some things and I thought it would be a good time to show you the majority of the new pieces or items in my closet. Weirdly, most of the items are denim! It is actually not weird since I am obsessed with denim right now, I might actually do a "latest obsession" on denim vests (I see myself wearing them all the time right now). Below you will find my latest additions.
By the way, sorry for the lack of outfit posts! Please tell me if you guys really enjoy outfit posts the best, I will take your opinions into strong consideration!

I have gotten into head/hair accessories so much lately, they are timeless and so effortless. I actually haven't worn any of the accessories below but I cannot wait to! I really love all of the other pieces below, normally at Forever 21 I find myself buying stuff that I consider mediocre, things that don't wind up being my favorite, however these items are all great. My personal favorite are the overalls.

I purchased these two items about two weeks ago, the shorts were $7 and the jacket was $14, you can never go wrong at Buffalo!

I love this shirt because it is just so different, it has such a peasant girl feel to it and updates any outfit completely. 

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