Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer Sandal Haul

I know that this haul is kind of delayed, but I just got my last two pairs of sandals that I ordered the other day. So more than likely my "summer sandal purchases" are complete for this season. Below is a collection of the newly purchased sandals for this sesaon. Tell me what you think. There is a lot of new styles I've purchased and so far and I have loved them!

Urban Outfitters:
I officially love UO for shoes. Their shoes are so reasonably priced (most of them). I got all four of these sandals for $150 (total) with none being on sale. Of course, there are shoes with better soles, and just better made, however, for the price, they sell pretty good shoes. Some brands to look into at UO are Ecote, Deena & Ozzy and Kimichi Blue.

I'm not the biggest fan of Aldo, but these two sandals caught my eye and for the price I couldn't resist them. I think the orange pair was $30, along with the other pair. Or somewhere around that price.

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