Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Trendspotting: Fruit is the new Floral

Fashion risk takers have been sporting this trend, I have also seen this trend is various stores such as ASOS, revolve clothing, Nasty Gal, and so many more that can't come to my mind at the moment! For fashion "forwarders" this trend acts as the new floral print for them. It is fun, different, and has just a good "vibe" to it, it is extremely refreshing to see. Most of the time bright colors are used. Although some may think it is kinda weird in lack of better terms, it is just a new up and coming trend that everyone will be wearing by next year. Since it is new it might be a good idea to pair a fruit printed skirt or shirt with a solid bottom or top. Even though some people may feel bold enough to pair another print with this trend, it might start looking a little cartoonish. Here are some of my favorite fruit printed items:
Nasty Gal

Revolve Clothing


Urban Outfitters

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