Wednesday, June 20, 2012

You Can Always Judge a Person by their iPhone case

This just came to my mind a few weeks ago when I saw someone's phone case and I was able to tell what kind of person that person was. This mostly goes for girls only, because most of the time guys' phone cases are a solid color. As for girls I think a phone case says a lot about a person whether it'd be a print (design), picture, or brand of case! These are my iPhone cases, can you tell what kind of person I am by them?
By the way, the case in the first picture on the far right I studded myself!
From left to right: Kate Spade, ordered from amazon, case from ebay and studs from etsy

From left to right: Kate Spade, Nordstrom, Ebay (map of NYC)
From left to right: Nordstrom, Ebay, (not sure!)

From left to right: Amazon, Apple store

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