Sunday, June 3, 2012

DIY bleached denim shorts

As I said last week I was planning on doing a DIY on bleaching a pair of denim shorts. These shorts came out a bit different then the usual ones you see bleached because they were black. Since they were black it takes quadruple the time to get the same results compared to a light washed pair of jeans. So after two hours the results are shown below, I was going to keep them in for longer to achieve the white color but I saw this color and thought it was really different and unique. So I took them out. I did not come up with the steps for bleaching myself, here is the link to the steps I followed, minus the beginning part of distressing the shorts because these already came distressed.
By the way, I purchased these shorts at Goodwill.



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  1. they came out awesome!
    lovely blog you have here,
    i see your doing pre-college courses at fit, i did them too when i was in high school :)