Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Essentials

It is officially summer for the majority of people, and that means a totally different schedule, a more free schedule in fact. Due to so much freedom now people may get tired of getting ready every single morning to go out and just do everyday things. So to not walk out of the house without feeling guilty I picked out some essential summer items that can uplift you in seconds. You should have these items right at your door for when you leave:

1. Topshop   2. Topshop   3. Forever 21   4. (Mint) J. Crew (Brown) Madewell   5. Your local drug store

1. The first essential item is a pair of comfortable, trendy sandals. You can't tell if a pair of shoes are
comfortable online so I suggest going to stores and trying on a pair of sandals that catch your eye, bring them home for a day or two and test them out to see if their comfortable. Once you found "your" pair, make them your new best friend and wear them 24/7 when you just have to leave the house real quick.

2. The second item is a pair of sunglasses, pretty ordinary. But lately the classic aviator style has emerged into much more different styles, such as cat-eye or John Lennon inspired. Try out a pair and it will update your whole look in big way, it shows your willing to take risks!

3. Hats have become extremely apparent within the last few months. This is another item to keep on the hook beside your door. When you choose your hat get a hat with a cool print, detail, or color on it. And don't worry about having to pair it with something that matches since this season is all about mixing colors. Also try different style hats such as a  sun hat, fedora, or a classic sloppy hat.

4. Of course a stylish bag is also a ordinary accessory. But this season try a different take on a ordinary bag and try a vintage inspired bag, or one in a color you would never see yourself wearing. Something like this also changes your look completely!

5. The last thing is EOS lip balm and lotion, I just had to add this because they are just great, you never know when you're going to need them and they are the perfect size and fit right into your bag!

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