Sunday, June 24, 2012

DIY: headwrap

Head "gear" had changed dramatically over the last few years, months and even seasons. When us 90's girls were born, thick headbands and butterfly clips were all the rage. From there certain things went in and out of style such thin headbands which became popular with braided patterns and much more. Recently, within the last year or two the hippie headband became very popular, all different types of people felt comfortable rocking this trend. Thus, there had to be a new type of head "gear" to come about in order for all of the fashion forward girls and women out there to not feel like they are just like everyone else. During the winter, thick braided "sweater" material head wraps became popular, as well as risky turbans. This summer that trend still seemed to stay, this trend is a mix of the turban and thick head wrap in my opinion. It is the new "twist" head wrap, particularly made of chiffon. I first saw this trend at BP. Nordstrom, so why take a look at some right from the get go :)
In my opinion they have an extremely ethnic, eccentric feel to them while still maintaining the ordinary headband look:

Now, this DIY is extremely simple to do, all you need is a bandana and a pair of scissors!
1. The first thing to do is lay the bandana out flat and cut it in half, diagonally, so each side is symmetrical.
2. Then, roll up each piece into kind of a tube, depending on how thick or thin you want the head wrap, you might want to cut some extra fabric off.
3. After you rolled up your pieces, intertwine them as below. Just make a loop with one and take the other one and pull it through :)
4. The last step is to simply tie a knot with all four ends. It'll be thick but personally I think it is cool looking especially with your hair up!
Your result should look like this, mine is definitely on the thicker side!

P.S. - This works with any other fabric also, I thought a bandana was an affordable, easily accessible, and unique idea! 

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