Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Kitschy Ensemble

Wearing: H&M top, DIY'd shorts, Topshop sandals, choker necklace from, Marc by Marc Jacobs button necklace

Something like this is not typically my style, the amount of tacky aspects of this outfit is just a tad bit overdone, let's name a few: the pineapples, ladybugs, daisies, heart patch, and then to top it all off I just had to throw on my heart button necklace, purchased for $1 from the BookMarc store, a whole bunch of them were just sitting at the checkout counter for $1 a piece, and it was Marc Jacobs so of course I had to get it, aware that I'd wear it two times, at most. I am not entirely sure of my thought process for this outfit, I knew I wanted to wear this awesome pineapple top I just bought from H&M, but I guess I just wanted to have fun with it and "go all out" so I threw on my DIY'd shorts that I "mistakingly" had to put patches over because bleach eats threw denim pretty roughly and felt the need to add daisies and ladybugs also... the necklaces were just an extra I guess. The outcome: a cool outfit, the only words I have for it. 

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