Friday, August 23, 2013

A Pocketful of Sunflowers

Wearing: Forever 21 top, Ruby&Jenna shorts, Topshop sandals, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Casio watch, Etsy necklace 

Sunflowers on sunflowers, heck, even on my crotch! Well, if you want to be precise than the flowers on my shorts aren't actual sunflowers, I'd rather not embarrass myself like I did before editing this post as I referred to the yellow flowers in the background as daisies. Consequently, I'm not sure of the actual name for the flowers on my shorts, lets just say I don't consider myself a flower aficionado, although I think I'd take quite the pleasure in learning a thing or two about flowers. Besides that, I feel that these shorts oddly resemble a diaper... they're a bit bulky in the material and the the trim goes up in a diagonal way, characteristics of a diaper if you ask me. So, do I hate wearing them? No, the opposite actually, I take pride in my diaper shorts

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