Monday, July 29, 2013

Summertime Corduroy

Wearing: DIY shirt, American Apparel skirt, Nasty Gal purse, Citizen watch (c/o American Apparel), Ray-Ban sunglasses

If I'm not mistaken, corduroy somewhat falls under the same realm of the "don't wear white after labor day" rule. Due to the fact that I tend to steer away, or even completely follow the opposite of this rule-primarily because all-white ensembles were all the rage last winter- what should make me care that corduroy is not "acceptable" in the summer. Nothing. Now that I think about it, who even ingrains these absurd "fashion do's and dont's"  into naive five year olds brains? I'm not too sure... but society wonders why the battle of getting kids to be individuals and "unique" is so prevalent......pshh. 

 Even if this skirt's material is a tad winterish, then my trick- for anything "winterish"- is to pair it with anything that is a light-wash denim material because at least for me, a light-wash denim screams summer and spring just as much as florals do. I don't know, pairing a black crop top with this skirt, say, just didn't cut it for me. Then, of course, my white converse also add to the summer vibe of the outfit. I think I might have to get the high-top version of them soon...

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