Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Michaelachristine14: New youtube channel!

Hello guys! So that "big news" I mentioned in my last post I decided to reveal earlier than I anticipated, not a bad things by any means though... I made a YouTube!!! consider it a virtual Michaela...
Although it is not really "big news", to me it is because it took me a long to think about whether I should start up a YouTube because of the time and commitment a channel involves. As of about a week ago I started my YouTube and have uploaded three videos at this point. The one I have posted above is my personal favorite, and the one that I think you guys would enjoy the most. The next video I have planned is an outfit of the weeks video, basically a "moving blog" I guess you can say.
My username is MichaelaChristine14, just type that right into the YouTube search bar and I should be the first thing you see! I hope you guys really enjoy these videos and what's to come. By the way, I am not abandoning this site at all, because YouTube is so demanding I might even post more on here because there's going to be more days I'll be "in the mode" of posting (not sure if anyone else gets that "mode" or if it's only me!). 

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