Friday, August 24, 2012

Fall Go-To Outfit

Crop tops an high waisted shorts in the summer is to jeans
 and oversized cardigans in the fall time
These are the words that many teenage girls live by during these seasons. These combinations are simple, easy, and just look great! I have nothing against these looks but I do think at times they could be  a little too mainstream. 
I actually just bought three skirts from American Apparel today, my first purchase(s) from AA in my whole life! I've been eyeing the three skirts for a while now and had my mind set on buying them today. I realize that skirts + fall time aren't the best combo and skirts work much better in the summer/spring. But I thought of some really cute ways to wear these during the fall time, with not leaving the whole "mainstream" look out completely.
Although the skirts were sort of pricey, at $45 a piece, I think they're worth it, bearing in mind that the temperature will drop a few degrees in a couple of weeks!

Check out these looks!

Big, comfy sweaters just give a "homey" like feel while you're in a freezing classroom and the knee high socks keep your legs warm. The ankle boots are one of my favorite fall trends that I couldn't leave out.

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