Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to School: Outfit Ideas

Time for another back to school post! This one is probably one of the most requested yet ordinary posts about back to school time because often girls are stuck when the time comes around to choose a first day outfit. These outfits are purely for inspiration so I didn't list the stores that everything is from. Feel free to let these inspire you for your first day or the whole first week!

We all know there are countless different types of style such as grunge, girly, boho, classic, punk and so on. But today I broke up these outfit ideas into the main categories that I tend to see: the girl that is willing to take on trends and go all out & the girl who likes to stay classic and go for the basics and what she is used to.

Here is some outfit ideas for the so-called "casual girl", the one who likes to be trendy in a subtle way:

Here are outfit ideas for the more edgy, trendy girl:



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