Saturday, August 25, 2012

Trend-spotting: Animal prints taken to a whole other level

Animal prints such as leopard, zebra, cow, giraffe... whatever... have always be so popular. These prints could be mixed into any girls' wardrobe despite her kind of style. Personally, I don't own one thing that is animal print. So clearly it's not my favorite trend out there. It has been slowly dying within the last few months, primarily because it is summer though. However, colored leopard on jeans seemed to be very apparent last fall and even this fall. With this trend steadily fading we must have to have something to replace it? Right? Before we take a look at that lets pay a tribute to the "real" animal print....

Now, this is the so-called "new" animal print, since literally it is an animal on the shirt! When I tell you that you can find these shirts anywhere, you really could.... I was in a pet store the other day and saw a whole rack full of these shirts, mostly similar to the one below from ModCloth. Of course, I don't think these pet stores know that they're shirts are a major trend right now!

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