Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Shooting Hoops

Wearing: Thrifted coat and pants, Ruby&Jenna suede top, ASOS boots

Sometimes the most unconventional places make for the best backdrops, with this basketball court in Soho being one of them... Luckily there were no intense ballplayers of whom I had to fight the court for... not that I would have anyways. Never in my life would I have thought I'd have the need to keep an eye out for basketball courts. But, that just another part life's unexpectedness I guess!

With the weather cooling down I've quickly found myself wearing more and more suede. In this look I even went as far as pairing two suede pieces together, and I made sure to break up the suede by wearing a black bottom and brown top. Pretty ironic color choices being that for quite some time brown was an enemy of mine thanks to Limited Too's habit of filling their store with brown-and-pink and brown-and-blue merchandise. Sadly, there was a period in elementary school where I alternated the days I wore those color combos- because god forbid I wore brown and pink two days in a row!

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