Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Meatpacking Days

Wearing: American Apparel top and bottoms, Free People scarf, Zara shoes, Bag from Melrose Trading Post, Quay sunglasses

Well.. as of two Sundays ago I officially became a New Yorker! If you don't follow me on social media (hint hint my insta is @_michaelachristine) or watch my videos on my youtube channel (my channel is linked at the top!) then you wouldn't know that I moved to NYC to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology. Although I've only been here for a short period of time my friends and I have explored (and of course instagrammed) so many parts of Manhattan, between the upper east side, all the villages, museums, and Soho- which we've been to way too many times to admit. Today we decided to take a trip to the Meatpacking district, an extremely underrated part of Manhattan in my opinion. The name "meatpacking" district always sort of threw me off (when I was younger I literally pictured big trucks filled with cold cuts throughout the streets). But once I got that strange vision out of my head and actually walked through this area, I couldn't help but fall in love with the cobblestone streets. 

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