Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Get the 30's look: Curley's Wife

of mice and men: curley's wife
The thing about wearing dresses from previous decades such as the flapper dress, shift dress, knee-legnth dress, etc. is that they are timeless. No matter what the "in" silhouette is at fast fashion retailers one can always resort to the classic aesthetic of decade-associated dresses. After seeing the play Of Mice and Men this weekend starring one of the ubiquitous Franco brothers, James, and Gossip Girl star, Leighton Meester I couldn't help but take notice of Leighton, or should I say Curley's wife's, dresses. What I found most astonishing was the fact that the character, in the book and play, is perceived as a promiscuous woman whilst wearing an ankle-length dress. If only those migrant workers saw what women wear today... Nonetheless I genuinely adored Leighton's character's choice of dress and thought about how women of today would put their own spin on the 30's silhouette. A pinstriped, collared, and buckled dress about a foot shorter than the original paired would oxford heels would be the modern version of Curley's wife's look.  

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