Monday, February 3, 2014

Red is the New Black

w e a r i n g : Cheap Monday jeans / Forever 21 turtleneck and flannel, Asos Shelly London loafers / Casio watch

The snow has been ridiculous the past few weeks to say the least. Though it looks bone chilling freezing in these pictures from the massive amount of snow it was actually about 40 degrees. Anybody from the West Coat stop reading right now: and that 40 degree weather felt like spring to me. To say I am envious of you Californians' is an understatement, the thought of 70-80 degree weather in winter has not left my mind. If Manhattan wasn't as great as it is then I can promise you that my tartan-butt would be in Cali the day after I graduate high school. 
My outfit consists of, yet again, another turtleneck, this one is different though, it is a very thin sweater-like material. I also felt like accenting a lot in red today, don't ask me why. I added this tartan flannel around my waist and threw on my chunky red loafers. Following that I went and got my nails painted red. Don't assume this is permanent, no one could replace my beloved neutrals. 

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  1. the Outfit looks so cool and the red shirt is so beautiful and chic