Saturday, February 15, 2014

You Got it Dude: E&J and The Row

I have always viewed Mary-Kate and Ashley as two girls with great style who have been lucky enough, like every other celebrity, to start their own collection(s). Quite honestly, I never took much notice to The Row nor Elizabeth and James during fashion week. However, I was blown away by these two collections while clicking through in between homework breaks last week. Elizabeth and James featured wearable looks, and pieces alone that I started to drool over: long lined coats, turtleneck dresses, and pinstripes galore. The Row featured just as many drool-able looks with even more emphasis on silhouette as you can see above. By no means am I planning to wear that cashmere sweater and pant combo anytime soon but, wow, would that look fantastic in an editorial. I can confidently say that my perception of the Olsen sister's have changed, they have a real eye for not only style, but design. I have four words for them: you got it dude. 

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