Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Friday Haul (not really)

So I'm calling this a black friday haul only because I bought half of this stuff black friday weekend but I only saved a total of $15 probably... A few of these things I bought 1-2 weeks ago at the latest. I just felt it was appropriate to title it that.

Remember how I was debating on what docs I should get.... well I chose the 1461's in black! Oh my god I was in the Dr. Marten store for an hour and a half deciding. I picked these up first and didn't like the way they looked on but after trying on 10 other pairs I went back with my first choice. Nevertheless I am satisfied with them now.



 Jenna and Ruby (jacket) (google it if you've never heard of it, they have multiple boutiques between CT, NJ and NY) and Nirvana (hat):

Urban Outfitters:
I am very pleased with this jacket, every year I am on the hunt for the perfect winter jacket and I found this baby, the leather detailing is what makes it in my opinion. Lets just hope it keeps me warm!

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