Friday, November 9, 2012

DIY Necklace Organizer

Over the hurricane at least I did one thing productive... before I transformed my cork board into this^^... it was an inspiration board filled with pictures I ripped out from magazines. Although I loved it I felt like it was time for something new. I've seen some things similar before but I'm not sure if they're exact, I didn't refer to anything for this little DIY.
What you'll need:
push pins (preferably all one color) (clear is great or any color you want)
two colors of ribbon
some leftover fabric
some of "your favorite things" (i'll explain)
and your necklaces!

The first step is to lay out the ribbon, my cork board is an odd shape since it's on a long rotating...thing... but a normal shaped one should require longer strips but less of them. Your goal is to make the two colored ribbons cross over each other to create X's. Just follow my pictures. All I did to secure them was put pushpins on the ends.

The second step is to take any fabric you have and place them in spots where you know you'll place a necklace over it. Since you don't just want a random piece of fabric laying there. The fabric adds a different feel to the board. I just did one piece in the middle.

Then just think about where you want your necklaces, organize them accordingly and place the pushpins where you want them. A tip is that the heavier the necklace the more pushpins you'll need for a necklace, a necklace may stay with as many as 3 or 4 push pins.

Lastly collect some things that you'd maybe hang up on a refrigerator? I keep my tags for items that I love like my Casio watch, Cambridge satchel, Docs so I put those on there. I also added a MetroCard. Feel free to put pictures, souvenirs, anything on.

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