Friday, September 28, 2012

Wing Tips

Wearing: Forever 21 button up, Jeans from a local boutique, Collar tips from Ebay

I have been waiting for these collar tips forever to come in the mail, but I should expect that when things come from China on Ebay. Anyways, I think they are the coolest things ever and look amazing on a button up, especially this one which I just happened to be wearing when I received them. They go so well with the gold buttons on the shirt and just give such a polished look.
About these jeans, I have been loving leather pants but sometimes I think they are too much for just a day at school so I've been loving coated jeans or jeans that give off a leather appearance. I have one pair from H&M that I have yet to wear, but this pair looks just as great my favorite part is the gorgeous floral pattern on them which is so subtle but makes the whole outfit.

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