Friday, September 21, 2012

Ripped Up Floral

Wearing: SheInside sweater / Urban Outfitters vest / Forever 21 shorts / Docs

Sometimes I feel a little silly buying a ripped up sweater, not really actually, but I was so excited when I saw this sweater on SheInside for $30 because a similar version from Wildfox is somewhere around $200, it was weird though the day after this sweater was raised to $39 on SheInside, I bought it anyway though because I loved it so much. Although SheInside does have great clothing, their advertising is a bit misleading. On the website this sweater was presented to differently, it was pure white while this is a shimmery light gold. Beside the point, I'm trying to squeeze in wearing all of my lovely shorts because it gets too cold out. I cannot wait to wear all my fall-like pants :)


  1. OMGosh I totally thought that was the Wildfox sweater. Love the way you styled it. And I agree...I can't wait for it to slip into my fall clothing here in NYC!

    taylor & DEMOLISH

  2. Oh you gorgeous thing!! <3
    Maybe we can follow each other dear? :)